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“The Vantage Point”

Quite often when we speak to clients they are mindful of the need for a specialist review, or a confidential risk review, of their insurances. However it is quite common that they are reluctant to instruct such a review for fear of upsetting their relationship with their incumbent broker if the review failed to identify suitable result.

But is this a reason not to review?

We would say no, however at Vantage Insurance Services we appreciate the difficult positions that a review represents to some clients and as such we offer an alternative solution: The Vantage Point review. This review is conducted as a confidential risk review service which allows clients the opportunity to have an independent review of their insurances safe in the knowledge that this will not be disclosed to their current providers.

The review, which we recommend is undertaken well in advance of renewal or shortly after, will:

All of which we will conduct under a confidentiality agreement with you. The benefits to you as a client in instructing such a review include:

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